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Odysseus: son of Laertes; wisest Greek leader during the Trojan War, and resposible for the Trojan horse; king of Ithaca; hero of the Iliad and protagonist of the Odyssey

Telemachus: The son of Odysseus

Penelope: The faithful wife of Odysseus.

Cyclops: A one-eyed giant from Greek and Roman mythology.

Polyphemus: A cyclops in Homer's Odyssey. The son of Poseidon

Calypso: A sea nymph who entertained Odysseus on her island, Ogygia, for seven years

Nausicaa: The princess of the Phaeacians

Scylla and Charybdis: The path between a vast whirlwind and dangerous rocks

Aeolus: The name of a number of characters in Greek mythology, including the founder of the Aeolian race, and a god with power over wind.

Poseidon: The god of the sea and other waters, earthquakes and horses.

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