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nonperishable: That which does not perish, especially a foodstuff.

desolation: The act of desolating or laying waste; destruction of inhabitants; depopulation.

gaunt: lean, angular, and bony

beseeching: to ask urgently for something

retaliated: To make an attack or an assault

urchins: A mischievous young child who is poorly dressed.

Carrions: The decaying flesh of dead animals.

portal: An entrance, entry point, or means of entry.

exuberance: The quality of being exuberant; cheerful or vigorous enthusiasm; liveliness.

reprisals: An act of retaliation.

prone: Lying flat, downwards.

ludricrous: so foolish, or unreasonable, amusing.

marauding: raiding and pillaging

extort: By force, threats.

shenanigans: secret or dishonest activity.

zany: bizarre, clownish

satchel: A bag or case with one or two shoulder straps, especially used to carry books etc.

nonchalantly: In a nonchalant manner, like not caring

surged: a sudden powerful movement.

gauntlet: a glove with a loose wrist.

dovetail: A type of carpentry joint where adjoining boards are fastened by interlocking fan-shaped cutouts.

amplify: To render larger, more extended, or more intense, and the like;—used especially of loudspeakers.

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