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nonperishable: Food that won't spoil

desolation: Unable to live in, ruins

gaunt: Bony, Supper skinny

beseech: Beg

retaliate: To get revenge

They took revenge on someone's car

urchins: kids

carrions: a animal, bird

prone: Lying down in a crawling sosition

portal: A entrance

exuberance: Cheerful, Happy

reprisals: an act of military

ludicros: foolishness

marauding: searching for something

extort: obtain by force

goad: annoy

shenanigan: silly or high sperited

zany: amusing

satchel: a bag for guys

nonchalantly: Feeling or appearing casual

surged: A sudden movement upward

gauntlent: A long glove

dovetail: Someone fallowing you same place and walking the same

amplify: incresing the volume

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