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-ac: pertaining to

-ad: Toward

-al: pertaining to

-ar: pertaining to

-desis: Binding

-e: Noun marker

-ectomy: excision, removal

-emesis: Vomit

-form: Resembling, like

-genetic: Begining, originating, producing

-genic: begining, originating, producing

-gram: Record

-graph: instrument for recording

-graphy: process of recording

-iasis: Condition, formation

-iatric: Pertaining to medical treatment

-iatry: study or field of medicine

-ic: Pertaining

-ical: Pertaining to

-ism: condition

-ist: Specialist

-itis: inflammation

-logist: Specialist in the study of

-logy: study of

-lysis: Destruction, breaking down

-megaly: enlargement

-meter: instrument used to measure

-oma: Tumor

-ory: Pertaining to

-osis: Condition, disease

-pathy: disease

-penia: abnormal reduction

-philia: attraction

-phobia: Abnormal fear

-plasia: Development

-plasty: Molding, surgical repair

-ptosis: Drooping, prolapse, falling

-rrhage, -rrhagia: Excessive flow, discharge

-rrhea: Discharge, flow

-rrhexis: Rupture

-scope: instrument used to view

-scopy: Process of viewing with a scope

-stasis: A standing still, control, stoppage

-stomy: Surgical creation of a new opening

-tomy: Incision, cutting

-malacia: softening

-phagia: eating, swallowing

-asthenia: Weakness

-clasia: Breaking

-physis: Growth

-schisis: Splitting

-trophy: development

-algesia: Excessive sensitivity to pain

-algia: Pain

-esthesia: Feeling sensation

-kinesia: Movement

-kinesis: Movement

-lepsy: Seizure

-paresis: Slight paralysis

-phasia: Speech

-plegia: Paralysis

-praxia: action

-apharesis: Removal

-blast: immature stage, germ, bud

-crit: separation

-cytosis: Abnormal condition of cells

-globin: Protein

-ema: Condition

-oxia: Oxygen

-pnea: breathing

-ptysis: Spitting

-sphyxia: pulse

-thorax: chest

-ase: Enzyme

-Chezia: Defecation

-pepsia: digestion

-prandial: Meal

-agon: Assemblage, a gathering together

-in, -ine: A Substance

-uria: Urine Condition

-opia: Vision

-tropia: A turning

-cusis, -acousia: hearing

-otia: Ear condition

-tripsy: Crushing

-arche: Begining

-gravida: Pregnant

-one: Hormone

-pause: Cessation

-pexy: Fixation, fastening

-tocia: Labor, birth

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