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aequus: equal

ago/acta: do/get things done

anthropos: man, human being

ars: art

brevis: short

canto: sing

caput: head

clino: to lean, bend

cognito: know

copia: plenty

credo: believe

culpa: blame

dominus: a lord, master

duco: lead

fido: to trust, believe

fundo/fusum: pour/thing poured

genus: kind, origin

holos: whole

jungo: join

lego/lectum: read/thing read

locus: a place

loqour: speak

medius: middle

missio: a sending

morior: die

nego: deny

nihil: nothing

occido: kill

pathos: suffering, feeling

pendo: weigh, hang

per: through

phobos: fear

plenus: full

porto: carry

positum: placed

possum: be able

pugno: to fight

punctum: point

rego: to rule

sanguis: blood

satis: enough

scio: know

solus: alone

sonus: a sound

sophos: wise

spiritus: breath

totus: whole

tractum: drawn, pulled

usus: use

vacuus: empty

verbum: word

verto: turn

via: way, road

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