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an: Without

Ante: Before

Anti: Against

dys: Painful, abnormal

eu: normal

myo: To shut

tachy: Fast

cele: Protrusion

dynia: Pain

ectasis: Dilation

gen,genesis: Produces

ia: State or condition

iasis: Abnormal condition

itis: Inflammation

lysis: Destruction

malacia: Abnormal softening

oma: Tumor

osis: Abnormal condition

pathy: Disease

plasia: Development, growth

plasm: Formation, development

ptosis: Drooping

rrhage: Abnormal flow

rrhagia: Abnormal flowcondition

rrhea: Discharge or flow

rrhexis: Rupture

sclerosis: Hardening

stenosis: Narrowing

trophy: Nourishment, development

ule: Small

ac: Pertaining to

centesis: Puncture

ectomy: Surgical removal

ostomy: Surgically create an openinf

otomy: Cutting

pexy: Surgical fixation

plasty: Surgical repair

rrhapy: Suture

adipo: Resembling fat

brachio: Pertaining to the arm

caudo: Pertaining to the tail

cephalic: Pertaining to the head

cervic/o: Pertaining to the neck

crur/o: Pertaining to the leg

distal: Pertaining to away from

lumbar: Pertaining to the loin-side and back

Bx: Biopsy

angi/o: Vessel

cutane/o: Skin

diaphor: Profuse sweating

icthy/o: Scaly dry

kerat/o: Hard, horny

melan/o: Black

necr/o: Death

onych/o: Nail

pedicul/o: Lice

py/o: Pus

rhytid/o: Wrinkle

sarc/o: Flesh

scler/o: Hard

seb/o: Oil

trich/o: Hair

ungu/o: Nail

vesic/o: Bladder

xer/o: Dry

emia: Blood condition

ankyl/o: Stiff joint

articul/o: Joint

chondr/o: Cartliage

coccyg/o: Coccyx

cost/o: Rib

ili/o: Ilium

kyph/o: Hump

lamin/o: Lamina part of vertebra

lord/o: Bent, backwards

myel/o: Bone marrow

ped/o: Child, foot

pod/o: Foot

scapul/o: Flesh

spondyl/o: Vertebra

stern/o: Sternum

tars/o: Tarsus

thorac/o: Thorax

uln/o: Ulna

aort/o: Aorta

arteri/o: Artery

atri/o: Fatty substance

coron/o: Heart

corpor/o: Body

embol/o: Plug

isch/o: To hold back

myocardi/o: Heart muscle

pect/o: Chest

phleb/o: Vein

sphygm/o: Pulse

steth/o: Chest

thromb/o: Clot

varic/o: Dilated vein

vascul/o: Blood vessel

tonic: Pertaining to tone

bas/o: Base

chrom/o: Color

eosin/o: Rosy red

fibrin/o: Fibers

fus/o: Pouring

morph/o: Shape

sanguin/o: Blood

mono: Monocytes

aphersis: Removal, carry away

crit: Separation of

cytosis: More than the normal # of cells

globin: Protein

lytic: Destruction

penia: Too few

phil: Attracted to

aer/o: Air

alveol/o: Alveolus, air sac

anthrac: coal

atel: Incomplete

cortic/o: Outer region of cortex

cyan/o: Blue

epiglott/o: Epiglottis

hist: Tissue

muc/o: Mucus

pneum/o: Lung, air

pulmon/o: Lung

sept/o: Wall

spiro: Breathing

trache/o: Trachea, windpipe

Tuss: Cough

osmia: Small

plegia: Paralysis

pnea: Breathing

ptysis: Spitting

an/o: Anus

bucc/o: Check

chol/e: Bile

cholangi/o: Bile duct

cholecyst/o: Gall bladder

choledoch/o: Common bile duct

dent/o: Tooth

diverticul/o: Pouch

duoden/o: Duodenum

enter/o: Small intestine

gloss/o: Tongue

hepat/o: Liver

ile/o: Ileum

jejun/o: Jejunum

labi/o: Lip

lapar/o: Abdomen

lingu/o: Tongue

or/o: Mouth

sialaden/o: Salivary gland

ven/o: Vein

orexia: Appetite

pepsia: Digestion

acr/o: Extremities

Chori/o: Chorion

colp/o: Vagina

hyster/o: Uterus

metr/o: uterus

nat/o: Birth

o/o: Egg

oophor/o: Ovary

perine/o: Perineum

salping/o: Uterine tubes

cyesis: State of pregnancy

gravida: Pregnancy

para: To bear

salpinx: Uterine tube

tocia: Labor

adrenal/o: Adrenal glands

Andr/o: Male

crin/o: To secrete

gonads: Sex glands

kal/i: Potassium

pineal/o: Pineal gland

thym/o: Thymus gland

dipsia: Thirst

prandial: Relating to a meal

tropin: To stimulate

azot/o: Nitrogenous waste

cyst/o: Bladder

nephr/o: Kidney

olig/o: Scanty

ren/o: Kidney

tripsy: Surgical crushing

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