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Boarder State: is a state that is on the 36/30 line that divides the North and South. The important boarder states are: Kentucky, Missouri, Merlin, and Delaware. If Lincoln looses them to the South, the North will loose the war.

Blockade: The isolation of something, especially a port; to block where ships come into and out of; blocking off ports. In the war, the North has an advantage; since they control most of the coastal states they can blockade the South from and trading ships allowing

Export: something you are taking from your home country and are sending to another country.

Import: Something brought in from a foreign country, especially for sale or trade; whats coming in or what you receive.

Contrast: the difference between two or more things things. Example: the contrast on the TV is the difference in colors. What we are really looking is the contrast of the North and South.

What do trains do?: Trains move people and goods. Actually at the end of the Civil War Ulysses S. Grant and the North capture one of the Confederacy's trains to cut off their supplies.

North and South Contrasts: The North and South were both alike in some ways, but they both had many differences too. The most important was that they had different goals. The North wanted to save the Union and the South want to be independent and be their own country.

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