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jejunely: childlike

reticence: silent nature

abstruse: hard to understand

ersatz: bad imitation

preponderance: to outweigh

prolixity: long-winded

nugatory: unimportant, trivial

peccadillo: small flaw or sin

myopic: shortsighted

prescient: foreseeing

ingenuous: innocent

ingenious: clever

vacuous: mindless

laconic: concise

pithy: forceful and brief

callow: immature

promulgated: to disperse

japery: to make fun of

approbation: approving of something happily

raillery: good natured jest

temerity: foolish bravery

rakish: devil-may-care attitude

illusory: deceptive

lucre: gain money sordidly

penury: poverty

avarice: greed

aggrandizement: increase in size

adumbration: foreshadow

perspicacious: keen, mentally perceptive

abnegation: denial

recalcitrant: stubborn, uncooperative

spendthrift: wasteful

prodigally: extravagantly

indolence: slothful

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