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Angio: Vessel

Ante: Before

Acromio: Shoulder

Aden: Gland

Anti: Against

Bi: Two

Bio: Life

Brachio: Arm

Broncho: Wind Pipe

Blepharo: Eyelid

Endo: Within

Entero: Intestine

Exo: Out of

Fascio: Membrane

Frenu: Fold

Hemo: Blood

Hemi: Half

Hepat: Liver

Hyster: Uterus

Kerat: Cornea

Lacri: Nose

Lapar: Abdomen

Laryngo: Voice Box

Litho: Stone

Naso: Nose

Nephro: Kidney

Neuro: Nerve

Non: Not

Odon: Tooth

Patho: Disease

Pect: Chest

Peri: Around

Pleuro: Lungs

Pneumo: Breath

Reno: Kidney

Retro: Behind

Rhino: Nose

Salping: Fallopian tube

Half: Semi

Teno: Tendon

Thoraco: Chest

Thyro: Thyroid

Tracheo: Throat

Trans: Across

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