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solidity: The state or quality of being solid.

indisputable: Not disputable; not open to question; obviously true

reassuringly: In a reassuring manner, in a way that confirms something as true

mirage: an image that is not real, "a mirage of water in the desert"

whirling: going around in a circle

fluctuation: changing energy, a motion like that of waves.

void: An empty space; a vacuum, emptiness, nothingness

illusion: Anything that seems to be something real but is not.

artifact: an item, an object

sift: to separate larger from smaller objects

raw material: basic or pure materials in their natural state

essential: most important, necessary

womb: the uterus, where babies grow inside a woman

dissect: to take apart, cut open; to study a dead animal's anatomy by cutting it apart; to perform a necropsy or an autopsy.

realms: areas, kingdoms, universes

bundles: packages

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