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Polar molecules: slightly charged

nonpolar molecules: no charge

Capillary actions: Water moves upward because of adhesion and cohesion

Hydrogen bonds: slightly positive hydrogen atoms and slightly negative atoms

cohesion: ( water to water ) substance attracted to itself

adhesion: substance attracted to a different substance (usually charged)

high specific heat: resist of change of temperature ; water absorbs a lot of heat before changing phase

carbohydrate: element: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen function: energy in cells monomer: glucose example: sugars , starch, cellouse

Lipids: elements: carbon, oxygen, hydrogen function: energy in cells monomer: phospholipids , fatty acids example: olive oil, butter

Proteins: elements: carbon, oxygen, hydrogen nitrogen and sometimes sulfur function: build muscle, and improve eyesight, movement, digestion monomer: amino acid example: meat

Nucleic Acids: elements: carbon, oxygen, hydrogen , phosphate group, nitrogen function: information monomer: nuclei-tides example: DNA , RNA

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