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broad: wide

widely: - in a lot of different places or by a lot of people - widely read a) read by a lot of people: a widely read magazine b) having read many different books

persistent: Obstinately refusing to give up or let go......Insistently repetitive. مداوم مصر

firm: not likely to change.... firm favorite/offer/belief etc.... showing that you are not likely to change your answer ... be firm with somebody

spot: a particular place

flaw: A defect, fault, or imperfection, especially one that is hidden.

haphazard: random; incomplete; not thorough....happening or done in a way that is not planned or organized..... (in) a haphazard way/manner/fashion

arbiter: judge ....The European Court of Justice will be the final arbiter

arbitrary: Based on individual discretion or judgment; not based on any objective distinction, perhaps even made at random often unfairly

adverse: not good or favourable... have an adverse effect on ...... adverse conditions conditions that make it difficult for something to happen or exist

adversity: a situation in which you have a lot of problems that seem to be caused by bad luck...... The state of adverse conditions

adversary: An opponent, rival or enemy..... When he retired, he was replaced by his old adversary

opponent: - someone who you try to defeat in a competition, game, fight, or argument......- someone who disagrees with a plan, idea, or system and wants to try to stop or change it OPP proponent.... opponent of

objectionable: unpleasant and likely to offend people SYN offensive

associate: be associated (with somebody/something).... to be related to a particular subject, activity etc

appeal: if someone or something appeals to you, they seem attractive and interesting appealing: attractive or interesting OPP unappealing

autonomous: independent

objection: A statement expressing opposition, or a reason or cause for expressing opposition..... the act of opposing

oppose: To attempt to stop the progression of..... to object to موافق نبودن با چیزی مخالفت کردن

disrupt: to prevent something from continuing in its usual way by causing problems

interrupt: تو حرف کسی پریدن...... باعث توقف موقت کاری شدن

disturb: to interrupt someone so that they cannot continue what they are doing....... to make someone feel worried or upset

allot: to use a particular amount of time for something, or give a particular share of money, space etc to someone or something SYN allocate

acclaim: to praise someone or something publicly

acclamation: formal a loud expression of approval or welcome

abrupt: 1. sudden and unexpected

restriction: a rule or law that limits or controls what people can do

restrict: to limit or control

tariff: a tax on goods coming into a country or going out of a country... (place) tariff on

musk: مشک نافه

scent: بو رایحه

gland: غده

penetrate: to enter something and pass or spread through it, especially when this is difficult نفوذ کردن در

penetrating: penetrating look/eyes/gaze etc a look etc which makes you feel uncomfortable and seems to see inside your mind نافذ........ a penetrating sound is loud, clear, and often unpleasant رسا

aphrodisiac: a fruit that is believed to have aphrodisiac properties

conceive: to think of a new idea, plan etc and develop it in your mind

cultivation: کشت زراعت

bold: COLOURS/SHAPES very strong or bright so that you notice them:

predator: an animal that kills and eats other animals

cryptic: Having hidden meaning.

cognitive: related to the process of knowing, understanding, and learning something: cognitive psychology

approach: a method of doing something or dealing with a problem... approach to

therapy: درمان معالجه

assume: to think that something is true, although you do not have definite proof SYN presume assume (that)

irrational: not based on clear thought or reason SYN unreasonable OPP rational, reasonable # غیر منطقی # نامعقول

perception: the way you think about something and your idea of what it is like perception of # درک

interpret: # تفسیر کردن to believe that something someone does or something that happens has a particular meaning.... interpret something as something

perceive: to understand or think of something or someone in a particular way

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