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A-/an-: Lack of

Ab-: Away from

Ad-: Towards

-aemia: Of the blood

Angio-: Vessel

Ante-: Before, in front of

Anti-: Against

-blast: Germ, bud

Brady-: Slow

Broncho-: Bronchus

Card-: Heart

Chole-: Bile

Circum-: Around

Cyto-/-cyte: Cell

Derm-: Skin

Di-: Two

Dys-: Difficult

-ema: Swelling

Endo-: Inner

Enter-: Intestine

Epi-: Upon

Erythro-: Red

Exo-: Outside

Extra-: Outside

-fferent: Carry

Gast-: Stomach

-gen-: Origin/Production

-globin: Protein

Haem-: Blood

Hetero-: Different

Homo-: The same, steady

-hydr-: Water

Hepat-: Liver

Hypo-: Below/under

Intra-: Within

-ism: Condition

-itis: Inflammation

Lact-: Milk

Lymph-: Lymph tissue

Lyso-/-lysis: Breaking down

-mega-: Large

Micro-: Small

Myo-: Muscle

Neo-: New

Nephro-: Kidney

Neuro-: Nerve

-oid: Resembling

Olig-: Small

-ology: Study of

-oma: Tumour

-ophth: Eye

-ory: Referring to

Os-, osteo-: Bone

-path-: Disease

-penia: Deficiency of

Phag(o)-: Eating

-plasm: Substance

-rrhagia: Excessive flow

-rrhoea: Discharge

-scler: Hard

Sub-: Under

Tachy-: Excessively fast

Thrombo-: Clot

-tox-: Poison

Tri-: Three

-uria: Urine

Vas, vaso-: Vessel

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