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reflection: When light is bounced back of a shiny surface like a mirror. *Light is reflected off a mirror

refraction: When light changes direction because it passes through a different medium like glass or water. *The light was refracted in the glass of water

opaque: An object that allows no, or little light to pass through it. You cannot see through it.

transparent: An object that you can see through because light passes though it. *Glass is transparent.

translucent: An object that allows some light to pass though but scatters the light so there is not a clear image. *translucent plastic/glass

spectrum: the set of colours which light can be separated into *a spectrum of colours

incident ray: The ray of light that comes from a light source and hits and object. Compare to reflected ray

prism: A transparent block used to split up or reflect light.

absorb: If light is absorbed it doesn't reflect back. *a red object absorbs blue light but reflects red light.

transmit: to allow light to pass through an object. * glass transmits light

diffusion: When light is scattered because it hits a rough surface and the light is reflected in different directions.

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