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Absolute Location: exact position on earth's surface

Adapt: to change in order to make more useful

Barrier Island: low narrow island near the coast

Canyon: a deep, narrow valley with steep sides

Channel: deepest part of a river

Continental Divide: an imaginary line that runs north and south along the highest points of the Rocky Mountains - rivers flow east or west of this line

Delta: triangular shaped land at a river's mouth

Drainage Basin: the land drained by a river system

Erosion: the wearing away of the earth's surface

Groundwater: water beneath the earth's surface

Lines of Latitude: the set of imaginary lines on a glove or map that run east and west and are measured in degrees from the Equator

Lines of Longitude: the set of imaginary lines on a globe or map that run north and south and are measured in degrees east and west of the Prime Meridian (0)

Navigable: a waterway that is deep and wide enough for ships to use

Region: an area with at least one feature that makes it different from other areas

Rural: farming region, country

Tributary: a river or stream that flows into a larger system or river

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