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فعل: to do or make

عمل: to work

ذهب: to go

مشى: to walk

جرى: to run

رجع: to return

جلس: to sit

أكل: to eat

شرب: to drink

صحى: to wake up

نام: to sleep

درس: to study

تعلّم: to learn

فهم: to understand

عرف: to know

جرّب: to try, test

قرأ: to write

كتب: to write

تكلّم: to speak

سأل: to ask

طلب: to request

رأى: to see

شاهد: to watch

استمع: to listen

أحبّ: to love

سكن: to reside

اشترى: to buy

لعب: to play

لعب: to want

أراد: to want

نجح: to succeed

فشل: to fail

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