Arrow_left Inserting HTML help and troubleshooting
This is a tutorial on how to insert html code into your website. If you are managing your website through a third party service such as OnCourseSystems or SchoolRack, you cannot just paste the code into the body of a post. The html will be stripped out and it will not work. You will need to use a feature to specifically insert html. Below is an example on
1) The service that you are using should have an option to insert html. On SchoolRack, you first click "INSERT IMAGE, FILE, OR MEDIA" as exemplified by the example below. Other services will vary. You click a button labeled "HTML" on Tumblr, for example.
2) Coninuing the SchoolRack example, you then click the HTML button on the far right.
3) Paste the html code that was given to you click Insert.
Again, these instructions will vary depending on which service you use, but the main idea is that you need to use a feature to insert HTML. If you are still having trouble, please use the Feedback Form and include the url for your website. We will be more than happy to further assist you!

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