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What is the difference between a flashcard and a word definition?

Flashcard Stash is built on top of a dictionary and therefor has over 200,000 English words and definitions. When you enter a word into the “Enter Word” field and look it up, you are using the dictionary to find a definition. Shaded words within a given definition can be clicked for an immediate definition. Flashcards are user generated and contain definitions created by users. When you create a flashcard, if the term you are using is found in the dictionary, you are given the option to choose an existing definition and it will be automatically added to your flashcard.

I have an existing list of vocabulary words, is there a way to import them?

Yes, click "add terms" in your list and then click "import terms" in the upper right. Here you can adjust settings depending on how your data is formatted. For example, if you have a list of vocabulary where the definitions are separated from the words by a colon (:), you can select "Custom" in the Definition Separator and enter ":". There is a preview of how your flashcards will look in the bottom right that will help you adjust the separator accordingly.

How do I change a flashcard once it has been saved?

There is a sample flashcard below. You can edit it by clicking the pencil and paper icon on the far left at the top. This will allow you to change the title, pos, and definition. You can also add, change, or delete an image here is well. The X icon on the far right will delete the flashcard.
Edit_term Known Delete



this is the definition

How do I add more flashcards to an existing list?

Click on the list you want to add flashcards to and there follow the link that says, "add terms" in the top left.

How do I delete a list?

Click on the list you want to delete and click the link "delete" in the upper right.

When I'm logged in, I have a 'Main List', what is that for?

When you hover over unowned flashcard, a link will appear that says, “stash this flashcard.” Clicking this link will ‘stash’ / copy the term to your Main List so that you can review it later. The functionality is pretty much the same for words in the dictionary except that a new flashcard will appear and you can click on the exact definition that you would like to save.

What is my Known Terms list for?

When you hover over terms that you own, an icon that shows a folder and a star appears. Clicking this icon will delete the term from the list and add it to your Known Terms list. It is a great way to track what you know and also a great way to find interesting terms that others know. You can view the terms that a user knows by viewing their profile, If he/she has made his/her profile public.

Is Flashcard Stash always going to be free?

Yes, Flashcard Stash will always be free. The plan is to add extra features that will be available for a small yearly subscription, but pretty much everything that is available now is always going to be free.

Where do the definitions come from?

The definitions in the Flashcard Stash dictionary come from the open source project Wiktionary.

What is the Flashcard Stash search plugin?

The search plugin allows you to look up words from any page and is simple to install. Find out how here or follow the 'tools' link in the navigation at the bottom of the page.

I don't have the link to join a class, is there any way to search for it?

Yes, you can search for classes by the class name or your school name. The link is located on the home page in the box titled "Classes." You can also Click Here.


What is learning mode?

The optimal time to study something is the point when you are just about to forget. Flashcard Stash has implemented a spaced repetition algorithm that calculates this time based on your performance with fill in the blank and multiple choice questions. As you use learning mode, the site ‘learns’ the best time to quiz you on a particular term.

What is practice mode?

Practice mode gives you random fill in the blank and multiple choice questions and tracks which terms you miss. It is a great way to study.

What is the match game?

The match game presents you with 10 terms on the left of the screen and their definitions on the right. You need to click a term and drag it into its definition to get it to disappear. The goal of this game is to make all your terms disappear as quickly as possible.


I’m concerned about profanity, is there any censoring of the word waterfall, twitter examples, and news examples?

Precautionary measures have been taken from the beginning to remove profanity for each situation. The terms shown in the word waterfall are pre-screened to prevent any reference to profanity. For the Twitter examples, a profanity filter is used to screen out any tweets containing obscene words. As for the news examples, they are all scraped from four reputable news sites (Time Magazine, New York Times, Wired Magazine, and the New Yorker) to avoid any reference to obscenity. The sentences from these news sources are all strained through the same profanity filter as the tweets. Great care has been taken to ensure that no profanity is ever shown at random.

How are teacher accounts different than regular account?

With a teacher account, you can have your students join classes that you create and you can publish lists through these classes. By publishing a list, it will copy the list to each of your students' accounts so that they can study it.

I signed up unaware that there were teacher accounts, can I convert to a teacher account?

Yes, you can convert your existing regular account to a teacher account. Once logged in, click on the 'settings' link on the home page, and there will be a link in the bottom left hand corner that says, 'Convert to Teacher Account.' Click this link and then select ‘OK’ and it will convert your account.

How do I invite students to my class?

Click on your class in the Class Manager and then click the link ‘Manage Students.’ There are two ways have students join your class. You can create a password for your class and give them a link, or you can send individual email invites. When the students follow the link they receive, they will be automatically enrolled in your class.

Is there a way to copy lists from one class to another?

Yes, you can copy lists that you have created for another class by following the "Import Lists" link when viewing your class.

I'm having trouble inserting my class link or embedding into my website.

Follow this link to learn more about troubleshooting for inserting html and links.

Is there a way to track which students have been added to my class?

Yes, if you follow the 'Manage Students' link in your class, there is a table at the bottom of the page that shows your current students and when they last used the site.

Some of my students are missing lists from my class, is there a way to re-copy these lists?

You can re-publish/re-copy all your published lists for a given class to your students by going to the "Current Students" link within your class. This will copy any missing lists for each student.

Can I deactivate or delete my classes?

Yes, you can deactivate a class by viewing your class and following the "Edit Class" link on the far right of the navigation links. Select "No" next to Active and click update and your class will be deactivated. Students enrolled in your class will still see the lists for the class and will have the option to deactivate it themselves.

A student was added to the wrong class, how do I remove them?

Click on the class and then follow the "Current Students" link. There are 'x' icons on the far right for each student. If you click this icon, it will remove the corresponding student from your class. You can then invite them to the right class by following the "Invite Students" link and sending an email invite at the bottom.

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